Exotic Meat Market

Exotic Meat Market established in 1969 delivers hard to find Exotic Meats from all over the world at your door.


Exotic Meat Market offers American, Australian and Japanese Beef.

Exotic Markets offers only USDA Prime Beef on our retail stores and on-line retail stores. Exotic Meat Market do not offer lower grade of Beef like USDA Choice and Select. In fact, less than 2% of beef is good enough to meet USDA's stringent qualifications to be branded as USDA Prime. Every bite of USDA Prime Beef ensures flavor, juiciness and tenderness. In short, "Just Delicious".

Our USDA Prime Beef is processed in State of The Art 40,000 Square Feet USDA inspected facility in Los Angeles, CA. All our USDA Prime steaks are individually labeled with the USDA Prime Grade as required by Federal Law.

Exotic Meat Market offers Australian Wagyu Beef from Marble Score 3 to 12. Our Australian Wagyu Beef is inspected on arrival by USDA and processed at USDA approved facility. For the simplicity of our customers, all our Australian Wagyu Beef is sold and labeled based on the Marble Score. All the meat exported by Australia is processed Halal for international market.

Exotic Meat Market also offers Japanese Wagyu Beef to our valued customers from BMS 8 to 12 in Japanese Grade A 5. BMS 12 is the highest grade of Japanese Beef, hardly comes to America.

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