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Rack Of Boer Goat

Rack Of Boer Goat
Rack Of Boer Goat
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Product Description

A full rack of Boer Goat contains 8 ribs. Weight range 1.8 – 2.5 lb.

Here at Boer Goat of California we are passionate about producing the very best Goats possible for eating and enjoyment on your plate! Our Goats are treated to the highest welfare standards and their overall contentment is of the utmost importance to us. Put simply, if they’re not happy, they won’t grow!

Our Boer Goats are born and bred on our farm in Perris, California, just 80 Miles East of Los Angeles. Each animal is carefully selected to ensure the best quality and correct minimum weight. Our Boer Goats are tender, tasty and great value for money.

How do I raise my animals?

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