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Orange Roughy Fish

Orange Roughy Fish
Orange Roughy has a delicate flavor, with firm, pure white flesh. Their pearly white fillets are considered a delicacy around the world.

Orange Roughy is suitable for all cooking methods, but should be savored as a premium fillet and cooked in an appropriate fashion.

Orange Roughy belong to the Trachichthyidae family. Orange Roughy are a deep-water species, generally found at depths of 750 to 1200m.

New Zealand pioneered the fishery in the 1970’s and is still one of the world’s largest suppliers. Catches are mainly from the Chatham Rise, the southern part of the South Island’s West Coast and some parts of the Challenger Plateau. Targeted specifically for export, the Orange Roughy is a prized catch and valued highly around the world.

Named for its distinctive coloring, it has a reddish body and bluish-tinged belly regions, but turns orange after being caught. Orange Roughy have a deep body with conspicuous ridges and massive head. The lateral line scales are larger than the small and irregular body scales. Famous for its quality, Orange Roughy is a cornerstone of the New Zealand fishing industry.

There is strong evidence that suggests that Orange Roughy may live as long as 130 years. Fish are deep skinned to remove a layer of inedible, oily wax under the skin.

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4 ( 7 oz. to 8 oz.) Orange Roughy Fillets
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4 ( 7 oz. to 8 oz.) Orange Roughy Fillets ORANGEROUGHY
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