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Opossum Tail

Opossum Tail
Opossum Tail
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In Mexico, opossums are known as "tlacuache" or "tlaquatzin". Their tails are eaten as a folk remedy to improve fertility.

Exotic Meat market Offers Wild Opossum Meat legally trapped here in the USA during the trapping season. Opossum are trapped for their fur. Opossum meat is by-product of our trapper.

Our Trapper works for Wildlife Enforcement department personally, so he understands the law LOUD and CLEAR. If you have any questions related to our Opossum Meat, please contact us by e-mail at exoticmeatmarketinc@aol.com and we will provide you information in writing. City, County, State and Federal agencies are welcome to come in person to verify our source of meats in person without giving us prior notice. Yes, we will NOT provide our confidential information to our competitors.

The Virginia Opossum was once widely hunted and consumed in the United States. In Dominica, Grenada, and Trinidad the Common Opossum or manicou is popular and can only be hunted during certain times of the year owing to over-hunting. The meat is traditionally prepared by smoking, then stewing. It is light and fine-grained, but the musk glands must be removed as part of preparation. The meat can be used in place of rabbit and chicken in recipes.

Opossum oil is high in essential fatty acids and has been used as a chest rub and a carrier for arthritis remedies given as topical salves.

Opossums make up the largest order of marsupials in the Western Hemisphere, including 103 or more species in 19 genera. They are also commonly called possums, though that term technically refers to Australian fauna of the suborder Phalangeriformes. The Virginia opossum was the first animal to be named an opossum; usage of the name was published in 1610. The word opossum was borrowed from the Virginia Algonquian (Powhatan) language in the form aposoum and ultimately derives from the Proto-Algonquian word *waBp- aʔemw, meaning "white dog" or "white beast/animal". Opossums probably diverged from the basic South American marsupials in the late Cretaceous or early Paleocene.

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