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Nutria Boneless Stew Meat - 48 Oz

Nutria Boneless Stew Meat - 48 Oz
Nutria Boneless Stew Meat - 48 Oz
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Nutria Boneless Stew Meat - 48 Oz

Imagine someone coming into your home, eating all your food, destroying your furniture, and then refusing to leave. Talk about an unwelcomed house guest, but it's actually a very accurate comparison of what can happen when an invasive species moves into an environment. Whether it's a plant, animal, or other organism (such as a microbe), when a non-native element is introduced into an ecosystem that's not prepared to handle such things, the impact is usually devastating, both in terms of wiping out habitats and generating significant financial losses as well. According to a recent report in "The Washington Post," invasive species are responsible for $120 billion in collateral damage each year, and sadly, most of these invasive species end up in the wrong place at the wrong time because of human action.

Nutria Meat. While Nutria meat can be cooked a wide variety of ways it can be on the tough side thus improves with low, moist heat. One common meat it is compared to is rabbit though the taste is closer to dark turkey meat. Raw Nutria meat has more protein per serving than ground beef and is much lower in fat than farm-raised catfish.

Nutria, also called Bayou Rabbit, are almost entirely vegetarians and only eat animal material by mistake, such as insects on the plants they feed on. Nutria eat approximately 25% of their body weight daily and prefer several small meals to one large one. The plump base of plants are preferred as food, but they will not pass up choice entire plants or several different parts of a plant including roots, rhizomes, and tubers.

Nutria are not RATS. They do share the same taxonomic order, as do about 40% of all mammals, including squirrels, beaver, and guinea pigs. Nutria are most closely related to porcupines or South American capybaras (but taste much better!).

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