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Mangalitsa Pork Skins

Mangalitsa Pork Skins 5 Lbs.
Mangalitsa Pork Skins 5 Lbs.
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Product Description

Mangalitsa Pork Skins. The Mangalica (sometimes spelled Mangalitsa in the UK or Mangalitza in the USA) is a Hungarian breed of domestic pig. It was developed in the mid-19th century by crossbreeding Hungarian breeds from Szalonta and Bakony with the Serbian 隔madija breed. The Mangalica pig grows a thick, wooly coat similar to that of a sheep.

The pigs were originally bred for their lard in the 1830s by Austrian Archduke Joseph, Palatine of Hungary. After the collapse of Austria-Hungary, the breed slowly disappeared, reaching a low point under Hungarian communism, where government policy combined with changing dietary habits brought it to near-extinction. The breed was revived in the early 1990s by a series of breeders, including the Hungarian Peter Toth

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