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Kangaroo Meat Cuts

Kangaroo Meat Cuts
Kangaroos are a natural and important resource of Australian wildlife and culture. Although a threat to some agricultural practices, there are approved Government management plans, which aim at a balanced approach towards sustaining an acceptable population.

Of the forty-eight (48) Kangaroo species only four (4)are harvested commercially within strict management plans and predetermined quotas. Similarly the commercial harvesting of two Wallaby species is permitted.

Kangaroo and Wallaby meat is low in fat, high in protein and minerals, and as such provides a food that promotes a healthy nutritional regime.

Kangaroo meat products can be prepared into a variety of creative dishes using wet and dry cooking methods. Generally, fat content in meat contains a lot of moisture and can be cooked to a very well done state. In comparison, Kangaroo meat, because of its low fat content, can easily dry out during the cooking process. It is therefore recommended to follow a few simple cooking steps to retain moisture and the game meat flavor. Recommended steps are:

1. Kangaroo meat should be handled and cooked like any other lean low fat red meat. It is not recommended to over cook Kangaroo meat. Brush the meat with oil (e.g. peanut, olive or sesame) prior to cooking either by pan frying, barbecue or roasting.

2. Place in a hot pan and quickly turn to ensure both sides are seared (browned), seal and turn only once to retain moisture.

3. Roasting is an ideal cooking method for Kangaroo meat and for the best results cook at controlled temperatures. It is not recommended to over cook Kangaroo meat when roasting as the absence of fat can make the meat dry out and eating quality is reduced.

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