Exotic Meat Market

Exotic Meat Market established in 1969 delivers hard to find Exotic Meats from all over the world at your door.

Heritage breed products

Heritage breeds thrive on small and sustainable farms. Thousands of Livestock Conservancy members across North America raise these breeds and serve as their stewards. Many of these farmers rely on income from the sale of heritage breeds and their products to support themselves and their families. Purchasing heritage breed products puts money back into local economies and directly affects the lives of people raising heritage breeds for a living.

It's all about supply and demand. Purchasing heritage breed products encourages farmers and ranchers to breed more animals to meet demand for their products. Although some animals are consumed, the overall breed population increases when more animals are bred, contributing to the overall stability of breed populations. Unlike wildlife which can reproduce on their own, domesticated livestock rely on their stewards - farmers and ranchers - for the opportunity to reproduce. Help rare breed populations grow by purchasing products like meat, milk, eggs, and fiber from heritage breeds.

How do I raise my animals?

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