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Embden Goose - 14-16 Lbs. Each

Embden Goose - 14-16 Lbs. Each
Embden Goose - 14-16 Lbs. Each
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Product Description

Embden Goose - 14-16 Lbs. Each

Our Embden Goose are raised on our own farm in Perris, California in a humane, free-range environment where the birds can forage outdoors with full access to shelter. The geese subsist on a diet of grains, greens and clean water. Neither antibiotics nor hormones are ever used.

Our Embden Goose are hand-processed and air-chilled, these geese offer maximum flavor with no added water weight. The natural lifestyle results in a delicious bird, with robust and succulent dark meat, ideal for special occasions.

The Embden Goose is a large domestic breed which was developed in the northern Netherlands or in Germany. The first Embden geese were imported to America from Germany in 1820, and were initially called "Bremens" after their port of departure.

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