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Exotic Meat Market established in 1969 delivers hard to find Exotic Meats from all over the world at your door.

Dry Cooker - Ceramic - Made in Italy

Dry Cooker
The founding principle offering the new Ceramic Dry Cooker is to bring an energy consciousness and eco-oriented mindset to home cooking to our friends, fans and customers.

Exotic Meat Market offers cooking products, made with environmental concerns at heart. The core is an organic ceramic coating, with an innovative combination of materials which enable optimal usage of energy and reduced CO2 emissions into the environment.

Exotic Meat Market brings eco-friendliness and environmental consciousness to the most important elements of our lives: to the home and to the food we eat.

Ceramic Dry Cooker from Italy
Regular price: $299.99
Sale price: $199.99
Ceramic Dry Cooker from Italy CDC
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