Exotic Meat Market

Exotic Meat Market established in 1969 delivers hard to find Exotic Meats from all over the world at your door.

Commercial Exotic Meat Harvesting

Commercial Exotic Meat Harvesting
Exotic Meat Market has been commercially harvesting surplus exotic animals from ranches all over the USA. We have been a reliable and respected option for population management. The animals are processed and packaged for sale to fine dining restaurants and individual consumers throughout the United States.

How We Do It: A harvesting crew (shooter and skinner) travels to the ranch (by Helicopter or Trucks) accompanied by a state meat inspector. We also tow a mobile processing facility to the ranch where the harvested animals are skinned and eviscerated.

Animals are field-harvested with minimal stress by a long-distance head shot, typically 50 to 200 yards. We use a noise suppressor on the rifle to minimize disturbance to other animals. The processed animals are weighed then hung in the mobile processing facility’s built-in cooler built for transport back to nearby processing plant.

What The Rancher Can Expect From Us: We will discuss arrangements with the rancher before coming to the property. We will harvest only those animals designated. We will respect the property. We will harvest animals in a humane way and do as little as possible to disturb other animals on the property. We will gladly provide a list of references from ranches that we have been working with over the past years. Payment for the animals harvested will be made within 10 days from harvest.

What We Expect From The Rancher: We expect you to help us maximize the efficiency of our harvesting. However, we do not purchase animals that are penned in small areas just for shooting purposes. This practice stresses animals and negatively affects meat quality.

Our expectation is to harvest a minimum of 10 animals in a period of 6 hours. We need a ranch representative to drive and assist our shooter in identifying animals for harvest. We will need to have availability of running water for our processing facility. Our normal harvesting area is typically all over USA.

How do I raise my animals?

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