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Camel Linguiça Sausage - 1 Lb.

Camel Linguiça Sausage - 1 Lb.
Camel Linguiça Sausage - 1 Lb.
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Product Description

Exotic Meat Market offers Camel Linguiça sausage also known as linguica or linguisa. Camel Linguiça sausage is distinguished by a mildly spicy flavor tempered with a smoking process which makes the sausage flavorful and tender. No Pork. No Beef. 100% Camel Meat. Average weight of package is 14 to 16 oz. Average 4 to 6 links per package. Hand made at USDA facility in State of California.

The primary ingredient of our linguiça is Camel meat, which is cut into rough pieces and mixed with spices. Camel meat tends to be lean, resulting in a leaner sausage with a meatier flavor. Common spices in our Camel linguiça include oregano, paprika, garlic, pepper, cumin, and cinnamon. These spices are mixed thoroughly with the uncooked camel meat, which is allowed to rest before being forced into sausage cases.

Camel Linguiça sausage can be used like other sausages in an assortment of foods. It makes an excellent pizza topping, especially for people who prefer more mild sausage. It can also be tossed with pasta, kneaded into bread dough, or served hot in a sandwich heaped with an assortment of roasted vegetables. As with all Camel meat products, make sure that linguiça is cooked thoroughly before serving.

For a classic Portuguese soup, try simmering sliced Camel linguiça sausage in a rich stock with vegetables such as carrots, kale, and potatoes. Add white beans towards the end, and serve hot with crusty bread and oil or butter. You can also use an assortment of Portuguese Camel sausages in this soup for a more complex flavor, and when they are in season, fresh fava beans make an excellent addition to the soup.

Camel linguiça sausage needs to be stored under refrigeration or frozen, and it will need to be cooked before being eaten.

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