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Beluga Caviar

The Beluga Sturgeon is found in the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, and the Sea of Azov. It is the largest of sturgeon, and can grow to 15 feet long and weigh up to 2500-3000 pounds, though most weigh between 800 and 900 pounds. It is a monstrous-looking fish with a bony-plated back and a long snout.

Beluga have a life span of one hundred years, but the female does not reach breeding age until she is twenty. A Beluga may contain up to 130 pounds of eggs. The roe, which ranges in color from deep steely grey to a variegated white, is the biggest of all types of sturgeon roe (about 2.5 to 3 mm in diameter), and therefore the most expensive. And beluga roe do deliver a most satisfying pop against the roof of the mouth. Many people however prefer the slightly sweeter flavor of the Osetra.

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Beluga Caviar - 1 Oz. BELUGA101
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