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Axis Deer - Meat Cuts

Axis Deer - Meat Cuts
Axis Deer - Meat Cuts

Exotic Meat Markets offers American Axis Deer Meat on our online store and retail stores all over the world.

Axis Deer meat was judged best tasting wild game meat by the Exotic Wildlife Association. It is a mild, naturally tender red meat. It contains less than 1% fat and can be marketed as fat free. (Red Deer and Fallow have 5% Ė 7% fat.)

The Axis Deer is also referred to as the Chital Deer. It has a unique characteristic which is that the white spots of the young donít disappear. They remain on the brown coat of the adults. They speckled look of them is very beautiful and it has white without spotted down the legs. They have a very long muzzle and a dark black nose at the end of it. They can range in weight from 60 pounds to about 170 pounds depending on the area where they live.

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