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Alligator Red Meat - 5 Lbs

Alligator Red Meat - 5 Lbs
Alligator Red Meat - 5 Lbs
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Alligator Red Meat - 5 Lbs

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Exotic Meat Market offers farm raised American Alligator Meat. Alligator Mississippiensis.

Alligator meat is lean, firm and almost pink in color. Alligator meat is versatile and can be used in any recipe that calls for veal, seafood or chicken. Its flavor easily adapts to seasonings, and the meat can be smoked, fried, grilled or stir-fried. Alligator meat is considered cooked when it is white all the way through.

A 3.2 oz., or 100 g, serving of raw alligator meat contains 232 calories; 4 g of total fat; 0 g of saturated fat; 0 mg of cholesterol and 46 g of protein.

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