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2 ( 8 oz.) Yak New York Steak - 100% Himalayan Yak

2 ( 8 oz.) Yak New York Steak - 100% Himalayan Yak
2 ( 8 oz.) Yak New York Steak - 100% Himalayan Yak
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2 ( 8 oz.) Yak New York Steak - 100% Himalayan Yak

Yak Strip Loin Steak is lean, tender and full of earthy flavor. Yak Strip Steak is also known as Yak Kansas City Steak, Yak Manhattan Steak, Yak New York Strip and Yak Shell Steak. Yak meat is as lean as venison or bison and, to some, tastes juicier, sweeter and more delicate than beef.

Yaks have been an integral part of the Tibetan and Nepalese culture for 5,000 years, used not only as pack animals and for milk but also as a source of meat. Exotic Meat Market is proud to offer All Natural Yak Meat, which comes exclusively from a family-owned 100% Yak herd in Colorado.

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The strip loin is located along the spine in the hindquarter and runs from the ribs to the rump, sitting above the tenderloin. Sirloin steaks are cut from the rump end of the strip loin. The rib end of the strip loin forms the large piece of beef on the T-bone steak. Located along the spine where the muscles do less work, sirloin steaks are tender and best suited to high temperature cooking such as pan-frying, barbecuing and stir-frying (when thinly sliced).

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